4/9/2021 -- Currently undergoing SEVERE IMPOSTER SYNDROME from the response generated by my last video. Lots of people I look up to followed me back? Lil Darkie has a concept of my existence? A good chunk of people want to work together? People are asking ME for advice on random shit? Crazy! Anyway, responding to business messages as I can thru this weekend and working on some projects. Wanna hit up that DOECII challenge before it passes + working on a lil short film type video this coming week *** INCLUDING AN ACTOR???!?! FINALLY SOMEONE IN A Y2KID VIDEO BESIDES THIS UGLY MUG???? *** Unheard of but in progress! On a final + sentimental note, thank you so much for 51k on TikTok. This shouldn't have happened! But the internet is an amazing place who lets losers like me get a lil clout! Luv you guys. Be safe. More shit soon.

4/5/201 -- Currently working on the WEBMASTER, BLOG, and WORK 2GETHER sections. The latter 2 will be updated with write ups about my workflow and information about collabs and commissions! There's nothing there right now but soon... Keep in touch...

Hi! I'm Y2KID! Your favorite computer virus! Welcome to my little hole in the web! I make VHS videos! Some people like them! I also upload VHS rips on my YouTube channel so be sure to check that out too! (Hyperlink for ur convenience coming soon!)